1. 2) Stray

Produced by Kristen Lay and Zack Symes
Mixed / mastered by Zack Symes



[verse 1]
Time to try again
Time to find another dream
The sand upon the beach
Is nice because it doesn't hold its shape for very long
I long for roots, but I can't stay for very long
I've strayed for too long

I'm a stray
I take what I find
Try to educate my mind
Days slipping away
Will I every find my way?
Stray, stray, stray, stray

[verse 2]
Time to try again
Time to find the light again
I'm trying to be kind
Moving fast so you're not on my mind for very long
Don't have the words unless I put them in a song
I've strayed for too long


Even in the sunlight
The road ahead is dark
I'll never take a step unless I feel it in my heart
Maybe that's my downfall
Or maybe it's my key
Maybe it's the lense through which I finally learn to see