1. 1) Dreaming

Produced by Kristen Lay and Zack Symes
Mixed / mastered by Zack Symes



I don’t know how I feel
I don’t know what is real
I can reach you in my mind
That’s the only solace I can find
Searching for a friendly sign
I miss you like a moonless winter night

What could I say to you now?
If you would hear me
Only hear me

Feels like I’m falling
Down into your deep blue eyes
But I’m dreaming
I’m only dreaming
Feels like I’m floating
Up into a crystal sky
But I’m dreaming
I’m only dreaming

Something shifts in the air
Tiny lights everywhere
Slipping in and out of time
Moments come when living is sublime
Nothing left for me to do
What if I just waited here for you?



This is what I was waiting for
You are what I’ve been asking for
You opened the door
You opened the door
Now I have to free myself to go explore

Into your deep blue eyes
And I’m dreaming
My reality
Into a crystal sky
And I’m dreaming
My reality