When I first started taking music lessons many years ago, I was frustrated by the rigidity of classical music and music theory. I was much more interested in playing by ear and writing my own music. I was lucky to have a teacher who supported my passion for contemporary and unusual music. If I hadn’t had that freedom to explore and find my own style, I probably wouldn’t have continued.

Today, I love songwriting- it’s my favorite form of self expression! And I also love being able to easily sound out a song by ear and quickly make my own arrangements. I wouldn't have been able to self-produce my album if it weren't for this skill, and I believe it's something that anyone can learn.

If you’ve always wanted to gain confidence on the piano, as a songwriter, or in ear training, I’d love to work with you and help you cultivate your own creative style. Fill out the form below to book a free 15 minute call. 


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