The hardest part of songwriting


I guess for a lot of people, making music and writing songs can be difficult. I wouldn’t say I’m a prolific writer by any means, but I feel like when a song is supposed to come through, it does. 

I guess the hardest part for me is when I’m in a stagnant place emotionally or in my life somehow. Everything is connected. If I’m moving forward in my life and feel like I have things to be excited about, or even if I’m dealing with something difficult, this is the energy that goes into writing a song.

Early last year I had gone for many months without writing, but after joining an online songwriting group and doing some traveling, that got me rolling again! And this year has been so stressful. A really difficult year for me actually- but I find that if I can at least get something creative out of it, it adds some degree of value and meaning.

I take a really right-brained approach to songwriting, meaning that I let my logical brain take the backseat when I’m writing. I’ve found that in most of my best songs, music and lyrics come together. I don’t have to do much as far as arranging- I might switch the order or adjust the form later. But I go more off of the feeling of the song rather than having a pre-conceived expectation of what it should sound like. 

Usually I don’t even know what the instrumentation will be like until I start to record and track in Logic. I like this approach. It’s fun for me because I don’t know what will happen or what the end product will be. 

Maybe these traits are typical of a right-brained empath. Do you think you’re more right or left brained?

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