The future

The future is an interesting thing. For a long time, I had this vision of “where I wanted my music to be” in the future. Winning awards, touring, playing on TV shows and commercials, shaping the world in a big way. And it’s not that I no longer want those things — on the contrary, my musical journey has just barely begun, and I don’t doubt that I can. 

But I guess for a long time, there was a disconnect because I always felt like I was playing by someone else’s rules. And I would always burn out. But I guess the difference with my new album is that I love it regardless. It doesn’t have to get any amount of attention or notoriety because it’s exactly what I want to express at the exact time I need to express it. I did all the production an mixing on that record not because I have flawless engineering skills, but because I wanted the experience of fully creating this art form and seeing it through to completion. And now, it’s okay for it to just be. I’m sitting with it and it’s perfect in its imperfection. 

Having said that, I do want to do more videos and promotional things for this album. But so often, we achieve something and immediately launch into the next phase without sitting with what is. So that’s where I am these days.

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