August 6, 2020

My single and video release is now only a few weeks away (mid August). And I’m feeling unusually calm about sharing it with everyone- I’m even looking forward to it! I think although I’ve always strived to write the most authentic and honest material that I could, this is another level. Knowing that I’ve been in the driver’s seat through every stage of this creation process and collaborating only with people that I felt a strong creative connection with, it feels like now extending this excitement to a wider audience is smooth and effortless. 

I think especially for me as an empath, for most of my life I had cut myself off from my true feelings, always seeking approval from others, without even realizing that that’s what I was doing. Over the years, as I’ve started to feel my feelings more, it has become easier to make decisions that were more in alignment with my own creative excitement. And not only is it more fun, it seems to be flowing much easier! 

I can feel my energy moving forward with these projects now instead of subconsciously pulling back, and it’s really exciting! 

Stay tuned for more announcements about the video release, my album release, and for more things to come in the remainder of 2020!

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