Dreaming My Reality - new EP in the works!

Hello Hello! I've been a little quiet on here, but there has been a lot happening behind the scenes. What I thought would be a single album has actually grown into multiple projects - just due to different sounds and…

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Video for Elemental

So apparently April was the last time I did a blog post. 😬 Time warp. Anyway, a lot has been happening behind the scenes. If you haven't had a chance to see my illustrated video for Real, that is…

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Meet the character from my upcoming video

Here’s another illustration from my upcoming video, Real. I’ve always envisioned this with an illustrated video, and it’s really exciting to see it slowly coming to life. All of the drawings are being drawn my sister and colored by…

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We Are Alchemists in Disguise


Do you ever surprise yourself by sharing stuff you didn't think you didn't think you'd share for a long time? Well, this is that.

About a year ago I went through a breakup that rattled me to…

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Major shifting happening this year

Hi everyone! I can't believe we're almost a quarter of the way through the year so far. 

There's a lot happening collectively, and we all are processing that and feeling it in our own way. For me, it feels…

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Abstract musings: what is the ego?

What is self worth? And how is it different from ego? And how do these relate to self sabotage? There’s a lot of information out there around spirituality, evolving into your best self, and transcending the ego. There’s a lot…

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Happy 2021


Here we are on the first full moon of 2021! 🌝 For me, this year already feels drastically different than last year. I actually felt that around the time of the last full moon and the solstice, I…

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Happy solstice / Christmas / New Year

So here we are. At the end of this devilish year. The solstice was yesterday, and I saw the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn that apparently hasn’t been this close since the year 1280. There’s something special about these times…

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Your sensitivity is a strength

We're alive in one of the most stressful times in history. We're in a constant state of motion and flux as we shift from dark to light, density to space, fear to love. It's not an overnight change by any…

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