Meet the character from my upcoming video

Here’s another illustration from my upcoming video, Real. I’ve always envisioned this with an illustrated video, and it’s really exciting to see it slowly coming to life. All of the drawings are being drawn my sister and colored by yours truly. It’s been so long since I’ve done visual art like this, but it really feels similar to music in a lot of ways. I don’t know what the colors will be or how it will turn out until I dive in — similar to how I feel when I begin a new song. 

You can see in this illustration this little Blue Guy. He’s cozy in his house, and a bit unnerved by the black night outside. And yet he is curious. He could stay inside with everything that is warm and familiar, or he could go explore the unknown and see what magic awaits him. 

We're always searching for something. That is why we keep scrolling. It’s not so much that our technology is addictive, but we are tricking ourselves to think that happiness is somewhere just beyond our reach — somewhere just out of sight. 

But maybe the connection we need the most is the connection with ourselves. The recognition that our hearts, our experience, our perspective can never truly be validated anywhere else — especially if we can’t validate it for ourselves first. 

So what do you think? Will the Blue Guy find happiness? All will be revealed in the video next month!

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